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Opening Jan 29th, 2024
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About Us

Meet our spice chef

Our visionary chef and owner bring four decades of culinary expertise from renowned restaurants in Nepal, India, Japan, and Hong Kong. With this wealth of experience, our chef has mastered the art of harmonizing spices and ingredients to deliver a gastronomic masterpiece with every dish.

Our Spice Story

We take pride in sourcing our spices directly from the vibrant lands of Nepal and India, infusing our dishes with an irresistible tapestry of flavors. It's our belief that secret family recipes, passed down through generations, combined with a touch of love, create the distinct taste that sets our cuisine apart.

Our Journey to Authentic Indian and Nepali Cuisine

Welcome to Spice Kitchen, a culinary haven in the heart of Parker, CO. Our restaurant was born from a deep-rooted passion for sharing the rich and diverse flavors of India and Nepal with our community. Spice Kitchen is a labor of love opened by the Aryal family, who are committed to offering you an authentic and delectable experience at an affordable price.

A Family's Dedication

To the Spice Kitchen family, we are more than a restaurant; it's a canvas where passion, art, and love intertwine. We honor the Nepali tradition of hospitality, where every guest is considered a form of divinity. Our service is a reflection of this cherished belief, ensuring that your visit to Spice Kitchen is a memorable one.

A Warm Welcome Awaits

We invite you to savor the goodness of our food, experience the warmth of our service, and relish the inviting ambiance we've created. At Spice Kitchen, we aspire to make your time with us a delightful and unforgettable journey.